domingo, junio 21, 2009

jueves, junio 18, 2009


Lately I've been finding ways to write poems related to my love of dance. Just in time, my friend J passed on a video of an inventive dance performance. Do watch it if you can.

There are different ways I've been engaging dance in my writing:
1. kinesthetic ekphrasis (writing while watching dance & writing/chanting/talking while dancing)
2. memory engagement (recollecting dance)
3. distancing (using dance reviews as found language).

It is so common for the thing we love or know most to be missing in our poems. A friend once told me that he lived near a lighthouse, and someone once commented that no lighthouse ever appeared in his poems. Reading his poems, I started to see "lighthouses" in all the other objects. A hat. An angel. Etc. Maybe this knowledge finds its place in other ways.

I am on the lookout for poetry and other writings that relate to movement and dance. Feel free to recommend anything.

In my next posting, I will write about my visit to Boston's Museum of Fine Arts two Mexican exhibitions: one on Mexican prints during and soon after the Mexican Revolution and another on Edward Weston's two years in Mexico.