miércoles, noviembre 23, 2005


Back in Boston for Thanksgiving Break. I'm finishing off the last drops from the beautiful bottle of Tequila (Azulejos) that I picked up last year in Mexico. So tasty.

I'd like to return in the summer, if I can pull it off financially.


martes, noviembre 22, 2005


Gracias por sus comentarios. Thanks for comments. Yes, OED look-up is a
better addiction than most.

And, about Ultraists and Creacionists, I really will write more later. I
have found some great books in this search.

martes, noviembre 15, 2005


Since I now have instant (I initially miswrote as instinct) access to the OED through the privilege of the university, I can't stop looking up words. The latest? Far-fetched. It's earliest known usage: 1583 STUBBES Anat. Abus. I. (1879) 33

Farrefetched and deare boughte is good for Ladyes, they say.

Hey, Christmas is coming up...

The usage of "studiously sought out; not easily or naturally introduced; strained" isn't recorded until 24 years later, in 1607.

How did those lovely far-fetched things become difficult and strained?


You will be happy to know I finally figured out how to begin the blogroll (i'd like soup with that puleez). Well, Mark, since you recently commented on the boob comment, I have added you first, right between google and edit-me. (Yes, I knew it was about Fence--such small talk in the poetry world, cloistered big talk...what the hell am I saying.) So, stay tuned for other blogs I peek at once in awhile since I am not a hefty duty email or blogger player.

Ok. I'm procrastinating at 12 a.m., making bean soup and blogging, instead of reading about the Ultraists. I have been figuring out the differences between the Spanish and Latin American avant garde movements called creacionism and ultraism. I've been reading the original ultraist texts published in Spanish magazines in the early 1920s. I'll try to say more later.

miércoles, noviembre 09, 2005


Just Received this--It's a great site to check out.If you look at the archive, there is an artist's book that I completed.

We are pleased to announce the publication of the fourth issue of www.dispatx.com : ABANDONMENT. This edition contains 14 works comprising narrative and poetry, essay, photography, oil painting and sculpture, and video.

To speak of abandonment suggests a withdrawal or relinquishment of influence, the exposure of a physical or social structure to the dereliction of time or a cessation of protection. It can also describe a state in which one is given over to forces beyond oneself - the extreme highs and lows of the human condition. Above all, the act of abandonment implies transfer - something orphaned is passed to another controlling agent, something is gained. Understanding abandonment not only as a binary, final state but also as part of a natural dialectic incorporating positive and negative elements has been critical in developing this edition.


Always-Already - Anna Simmonds [dialogue]
At the Entrance to the Arcade - Stephanie Bolster [topography]
Bifurcate - Ramón Galindo [overlay]
Collie Lane - Shannon Doubleday [recollect]
Erorr [sic] - Aaron Anstett [unease]
Estacionario - Vanessa Oniboni [embodiment]
Holism and the Gestalt - Stephen Levy [refutation]
Inwendig - Maribel Oldigs [placement]
Isolation - Karen Ann Myers [retreat]
Oradour-sur-Glane - Sharon Jefford [evidence]
¿Por qué, Por qué? - Rafael Andreu [assimilation]
The Three Gorges - Jade Ireson [inundation]
Transición - Natalia Guarin & Vanessa Oniboni [vector]
Usos y Desusos - Catalina Salazar [montage]

Please go to www.dispatx.com for details : we will announce a new theme for exploration in December 2005

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