miércoles, diciembre 20, 2006

go see that


go see that

bird foreigner.
the succulents.
to be peaceable.
to wrangle that.

distant answer.

(nothing ringing)


the miser and his ilk.
flunky and the floozie.
a hunk named Dory.

not that.
all over that.


clothe me.

not with enchantment's
one day sale

speedy crinolines
the clunky rich

my speech 


get another movie
of a dead singer

light gone lime

say you were always there
for the songs

The ground had it.

The ground had it.

"Figures! I’ve had it. You always get the good arts."


A question for men:

Do you use a booklight in bed?

lunes, diciembre 18, 2006


A la Lamoureux, hey mr., I checked out my Egyptian astrological sign...


Honorable, straightforward and idealistic. Active and self-confident.

Colors: male: white, female: blue
Compatible Signs:
Osiris, Thoth
Mar 11 - Mar 31, Oct 18 - Oct 29, Dec 19 - Dec 31

Role: Goddess of motherhood, women, and magic; goddess of the South; protector of Imseti (the son of Horus who watched over the canopic jar containing the liver)
Woman wearing the hieroglyph for "throne" on her head

What is Your Egyptian Zodiac Sign?
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