jueves, septiembre 11, 2014

Please find new poems and translations from Split Rock Review and Two Lines Press.

martes, mayo 28, 2013

Amanda Palmer

Amanda Palmer talks about posting her writing about the Marathon Bombing and the vicious response she received.

domingo, enero 06, 2013

sábado, octubre 13, 2012

lunes, agosto 06, 2012

Another Boston Poetry Marathon

Come here lots of poets at the Boston Poetry Marathon August 17-19! I plan to read on Saturday afternoon, August 18.

jueves, diciembre 08, 2011

Recording of a Poetry Reading

Part of the Unaffiliated Reading Series, I'm happy to share a poetry reading in September, 2011.

martes, septiembre 13, 2011

Poetry Reading September 24, 2011

Excited for a reading planned on Sept 24. Here's the info. Hope you can make it.


All events at Outpost 186, 3pm
9/24 - Mark Leidner, Nathaniel Otting, Emily Pettit & Cheryl Clark Vermeulen
10/29 - Allen Fisher, Ruth Lepson & Chuck Stebelton

186 1/2 Hampshire St., Inman Square, Cambridge
More information here.

lunes, junio 20, 2011

Poetry Reading

Here is a recording of my poetry reading from the Commonwealth Reading Series in March 2011. Thanks for listening and pardon my tripping up on words in the beginning.

domingo, febrero 13, 2011

March 18 Boston Reading

Please join me on March 18 when I read poems as part of the Commonwealth Reading Series through the Massachusetts Cultural Council. Here is the schedule. Also check out the reading on the 15th, in Cambridge, with friends Jessica Bozek and Anna Ross.

jueves, enero 13, 2011

sábado, mayo 15, 2010

Some Poems Online

in Propeller Magazine. Also check it Mark Leidner's poems and Lucas Bernhardt's essay on Landis Everson.

sábado, abril 10, 2010

From reading in Brooklyn

Sometimes we read to people. Also check out intros for readers Mark Lamoureux and Angela Veronica Wong.

viernes, diciembre 11, 2009

Reading: Dec 14

I'm reading on Monday, December 14 in the Small Animal Project, reading series in Cambridge.

sábado, octubre 24, 2009


I'm glad to have some poems in EOAGH.

sábado, julio 04, 2009


For lack of blogging, let me share some photos from NYC.

domingo, junio 21, 2009

jueves, junio 18, 2009


Lately I've been finding ways to write poems related to my love of dance. Just in time, my friend J passed on a video of an inventive dance performance. Do watch it if you can.

There are different ways I've been engaging dance in my writing:
1. kinesthetic ekphrasis (writing while watching dance & writing/chanting/talking while dancing)
2. memory engagement (recollecting dance)
3. distancing (using dance reviews as found language).

It is so common for the thing we love or know most to be missing in our poems. A friend once told me that he lived near a lighthouse, and someone once commented that no lighthouse ever appeared in his poems. Reading his poems, I started to see "lighthouses" in all the other objects. A hat. An angel. Etc. Maybe this knowledge finds its place in other ways.

I am on the lookout for poetry and other writings that relate to movement and dance. Feel free to recommend anything.

In my next posting, I will write about my visit to Boston's Museum of Fine Arts two Mexican exhibitions: one on Mexican prints during and soon after the Mexican Revolution and another on Edward Weston's two years in Mexico.

viernes, mayo 22, 2009

Clinton on the Americas

U.S. Secretary Hillary Clinton speaking on the Americas. Knowing that she is speaking to the Council of the Americas, I am left wondering how often she extends such a hemispheric message.

Mundo a Mundo Literary Translation

I participated in this program a few years ago. It convenes a great group of dedicated translators, and is located in a great place, Querétaro.

Join us in beautiful Querétaro, a UNESCO World Heritage site, for two

weeks of literary translation.

Unete con nosotros en hermoso Querétaro, patrimonio de la humanidad,

por dos semanas de traducción literaria.

Applications still being accepted and some scholarship assistance

available, with preference given to residents of Mexico.

Todavía quedan plazos. Existen tres becas valida por 80% de la

colegiatura. De preferencia se ocuparán para residentes de Mexico.


miércoles, mayo 06, 2009

" The Lyric Surgeon"

By Maureen N. McLane, a thoughtful and lyrical essay on Fanny Howe. She calls her "the lyric surgeon."

miércoles, abril 29, 2009

She remembers sight

New Zealand poet Michele Leggott describes how her writing process has changed over the past twenty years of losing her vision. She explains that she can "project [her visual memories] into writing"; this process can give them back to her. When she talks about writing on the computer screen, relying on gigantic font, she ends with this beautiful image: "It is as if I am passing a huge magnifying glass over this language." I've enjoyed listening to her experience. You may too.

By the way, I wrote this blurb. Feel free to let me know what works, what your blurb would be. Is it even called that?

viernes, abril 24, 2009

"Before your death now"

Digital Archive, a journal I've happily encountered for the first time, offers a second issue on Transnationalism. Listen to Lily Robert-Foley's "About the author and the translator" for a swirling Borges biography.

sábado, abril 18, 2009

Let Light

I do what some may consider unimaginable: I revise deep inside the archives of this blog. No new post. But somewhere in the middle, rarely to be encountered, a new word. Or one gone missing.

The blog, this medium, certainly isn't suited for backlog revising, but I like it. I have reasons too, but providing them extends beyond my time now. Not a lot.

Last night my friend J mentioned her tendency to excise words in her poems.

And dears, how do I get started on the forty-some papery writing journals I have? Much, much to excise. Or is it some forty?

In a few years, I hope that I am not "pushing forty" (how it sounds so heavy). I will grow light. Lighter and lighter. Let light

viernes, abril 17, 2009

A poem and its visual wonders

Do you have a few minutes? Visit Jon Woodward's "Poems to Stare At." Let it be a little retreat for you.

For starters, I tried the 3-minute one. My soundtrack (all of our soundtracks will vary) was a man outside shaking a spray paint can. With this poem, he wore a mustache. Thank you, neighbor.

jueves, abril 16, 2009

Robin Blaser

Robin Blaser reading poems at Berkeley. If you've just quit your job, there is a special treat for you.

lunes, marzo 30, 2009

Literature by Immigrants

In a one-minute interview, the author Amara Lakhous offers a concise and insightful comment about literature by immigrants.

domingo, marzo 29, 2009


I recently watched this BBC edition of the Deep Sea. It's widely fascinating.

The Blue Planet, part 1

The Blue Planet, part 2

viernes, marzo 27, 2009

preserve and adventuring

During one week in Boston, I went to a poetry reading where Mary Ruefle stuck to reading the poems and one where Paul Muldoon tried to clarify all the allusions he could, and in transport to these readings I began an admiration for the musician Clem Snide.

At the end of the reading, when the students were asking Mary Ruefle questions for x-tra credit, she had a revelation: the time had come when when she was painting and/or making visual art for the public. To her, making erasures had been a private enterprise. She had always thought about visual art as her "bank account of joy"--something she could rely on if everything else failed. Her language reminded me of something David Lynch would say.

Before she left, she kissed one manuscript goodnight, whispering you will be home with me soon. Her name was signed on the bottom of the title page of an old book.

I walked away thinking that what we are willing to abandon affects our relation to what we make.

miércoles, marzo 11, 2009

At the Station

At the Station
To A

At the station I’m hungry
if my eyes are closed
or open. A man turns around
to see who just sighed.
I sigh again (completion
I want to offer a stranger)
but now through pursed lips
as if the world’s a balloon
I’ll fill, a long flight
tantamount to what can be
remade with hunger, a sadness.
I don’t want to begin.
Yet another man runs out
right before the door shuts.
Every middle gushes toward you

still on the plane funeral-bound.
Like a stack of books
I wait for you. This alone.

lunes, marzo 02, 2009

Olson Reading

As I sit inside on March 2 during a snowstorm, I drop deep inside the darkness that is winter, lingering here in Boston. I listen to Charles Olson step into this darkness in his reading of "In Cold Hell, In Thicket" found on Pennsound, #1 under Featured Resources.

Having no transition from Cold Hell, I congratulate Michelle Taransky who I see is working for Kelly's House. Cheers!

And, this post is for N, to whom I promised a weekly posting at least!!

miércoles, febrero 18, 2009


Hello, I am reading on March 6 at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education's Faculty Reading. Come support an evening of poetry and prose.

Also, please check out the sixth edition of Inertia magazine for two of my poems among a solid collection of writings, with cover artwork I just can't stop looking at.