martes, enero 10, 2006


My version of the "librarything"--not very orderly. Maybe I will begin "lovenotefile"? Anyone know code?

viernes, enero 06, 2006

a company of moths

Finally reading Palmer's _A Company of Moths_, and this isn't a review. I realize that every time I see the word "Company" and its warmth, I can't help thinking of Creeley. What a wonderful legacy to leave, among many others, in our world's corporate-driven frenzies. In the case you haven't yet looked up Palmer's use of "windrow" (which I also love), see definition below. To those who already know the word, pat your toochie, sweet cheeks.

A windrow is a row of cut hay or small grain crop. It is allowed to dry before being baled, combined, or rolled. For hay, the windrow is often formed by a hay rake, which rakes hay that has been cut by a mower into a row. For small grain crops which are to be harvested, the windrow is formed by swather which both cuts the crop and forms the windrow.
The term may also be applied to a row of any other material such as snow[1].

In the case of snow, windrows are created by snow plows as they plow streets. The windrow may block driveways. Some municipalities have windrow removal service where a smaller plow goes to each individual driveway to clear the windrow. Most cities simply make the home owner clear the windrow to their own driveway. A few cities will plow the windrow to the center of the street, blow the snow into trucks, and haul it away.

Good ole "windrow removal service."

martes, enero 03, 2006

Once again, I find myself linking to Conjunctions. Some great poems and an interview from Rosmarie Waldrop:

Happy New Year. The greeting has not yet expired.