lunes, agosto 07, 2006

Dear Squire,

Dear Squire,

We write to you from the future. We are unsure of our future’s future. More on this later. You may be happy to know Be Bop has few allusions in poems. Any dances connoting foods are on the wayside. Wait, you wouldn’t know this since it came from your future. But you, dearest squire have risen high into the ranks of pirates and gold slingers. This may not sound such a prize, but we in our post-postmodern leanings—I forget where we are now—, you see, gurgle with two-parts Listerine, one-part …(this brings me to my question, what was your favorite drink?)

Your servant,

jueves, agosto 03, 2006


Here's a great snipit of an interview wiht Dorothea Tanning. Few years old. But in case you have never seen it....Interview

miércoles, agosto 02, 2006

Pray Tell

Pray Tell

When you were around, extricate became extra karate.
One more pork chop too many. One night you told me

doctors are in business to tell us we have high cholesterol,
or how the other animals are planning a coup inside us.

And you thought global warming was a problem. Well, it is.
There’s a movie about it by the former Vice President

and people go to the theatres
when it gets too hot outside. This is brilliant.

When you were around, remorse was a much better morsel.

I can’t even do it when you’re not around.